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Tuning a piano in a normal domestic environment is widely accepted as being necessary twice a year. Instruments left for a long time may drop in pitch and need more attention to bring it up to a good playing standard. For a quote to tune your piano, please contact us here.


This is the term given to describe the nature of the individual pianos sound (i.e., ‘bright’, ‘mellow’, ‘harsh’, full bodied’). This is dependent on the quality of the piano, especially the hammer felt. Unevenness of tone can be resolved through specialised and skilled ‘voicing’ of the hammers to give the desired balance.


This is the term for making adjustments to the action (mechanism) in such a way as to achieve its optimum efficiency and evenness of touch. As the piano is used over the years, it is inevitable that materials will bed-in, compress and wear. The amount of use and changes in its environment, will determine how often the action needs to be regulated. On average this is required approximately every 5-7 years.


Pianos for rebuild are approached in a slightly different way than instruments for restoration in that the originality of the parts is not a factor. Therefore soundboard and tuning planks, action parts, hammer heads, key coverings etc may be simply replaced rather than refurbished.



We are skilled in full restoration of both upright and grand pianos displaying sympathy with the instruments age and a desire to keep it original where appropriate. This will of course vary from client to client and piano to piano. Operations carried out include:

Restringing, soundboard repair, casework re-polishing, action overhaul and key covering restorative work. Indeed, we are skilled in working on every area of the piano.

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